Project Garduino

The Garduino is an Autonomous Garden Controller that will produce fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment with minimal human intervention. The system produces reports and alerts to inform a user when intervention is needed and can be configured manually to alert a user when convenient or it can use the default alert settings. The Garduino was developed as an entry into the Dundee Yahoo! HackU 2013 Competition and won the 2nd prize award for “Best use of Yahoo! Technology”.


We built a web based system using RESTful interfaces that monitors and controls the daily management of plants using environmental sensors attached to Arduino’s that gather live data from plants at set intervals to measure ,record, and respond to changes appropriately.

This project uses YQL (Yahoo! Query Language) to retrieve weather statistics which are compared against the weather statistics of the Garduino. Alongside this we also use YUI (Yahoo! User Interface Library) to model data and statistics in the form of charts and graphs to display readings from the system over time..

Further Development

Interest in using the Garduino as a proof of concept has already been expressed by a Northern Ireland based business called The Fruit Department . The Fruit Department provided donations that were used to purchase resources to build and test the system such as plants and storage containers. Alongside this we were also given access to their range of stock images to use on our website if needed.

Source Code and Media

All Source code is available from the Git Hub Repository : iGrow Source Code
Images of the Garduino can be found at : Garduino Facebook
Development Blog : Garduino Blog


The following 4 individuals formed team "iGrow" that entered the Yahoo! HackU competition with Project Garduino.